PhillyVoice is Your One Stop for Writing and Voice Talent Needs


Welcome!  PhillyVoice is Your One Stop for Writing and Voice Talent Needs.  Explore the site and let us know how we can help you with ghostwriting, editing, ad copy, press releases, narration, or any of our other writing and vocal services.  Whether it’s strictly business or playfully creative, let PhillyVoice make your work shine.     


Our team of professionals is ready to take on your Web Development, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization.

Get in touch and get noticed.


Here’s what some clients have said:

“Robin helped me with a proposal that needed some finishing touches. She understood the material, rounded off some of the edges, wrote the sections that still needed completion, and did a great job with all of it. She is professional and thorough.”   Marcia Baczynski, Ideal Balance 

“Robin is great at working on projects even when I ask for things on a short time line. I feel she is incredibly intuitive in how she portrays the pieces she is asked to develop. I have also used her as an editor for my newsletter and her keen sense of detail has been extremely helpful in making this monthly publication the best it can be for my clients.”   LauraLynn Jansen, Integrative Health Coach

Robin is very versatile, creative, and always on the mark. I have hired Robin on projects such as corporate training videos and character voices.  Not only is she a true professional who cares about the project, she has a great spirit and is a very positive person to be around.” – Jason Ruch, Audio Zombie

“Robin is a powerful performer/songwriter; I have used two of her songs in montages of my work.  Her music is full of verve, strength, and panache.  I will go back to her again and again and I cannot wait to have the opportunity to hear and see more of her.”  – Melanie Sinclair, Visual Artist


 Based in the Philadelphia / South Jersey area.  Accepting projects and assignments worldwide. 

 Contact for Quote:


About Robin Renee

A freelance writer and performing songwriter, Robin Renee‘s work has appeared in many publications including PanGaia, Blessed Bi Spirit, Big Hammer #12, The New York Quarterly, Songwriter’s Market, and That Takes Ovaries – Bold Females and their Brazen Acts (Random House). Her recordings include In Progress, All Six Senses, Live Devotion,, and This. She is one of the co-hosts of The Leftscape, a podcast dedicated to "the shape of progressive conversation." View all posts by Robin Renee

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